How to Check PAN Card Status through NSDL and UTI

Hey Fellow Reader! Today in this post we will guide you about PAN Card related queries. The most often asked question about How to Check NSDL and UTI PAN Card will be answered here in this post. This is the only way which can help you in tracking your PAN Card status Online.

PAN Card and its Importance

So, first let me explain you about PAN Card and why is it necessary for us?

PAN Card stands for Permanent Account Number which is unique for every individual and is issued by Income Tax Department of India as a 10-Digit Alphanumeric number. So, PAN Card acts as a unique identifier of a person according to the Tax Department of India.

With the help of PAN Number, we can easily get the access of Persons Financial Status in the country and the tax paid by the account holder till date.

The Number once allots to a person is valid for a lifelong term and cannot be changed in any conditions.
The main purpose of Introducing PAN Card by the government was to protect the country from corruption and Black Money. So that government can keep a check of the financial status of a particular person.

Applying for a new PAN Card is obviously an easy process but getting approval is not. It is a time-consuming process and may take around a month for getting your PAN CARD Ready.

So, the best thing to do while the update is still pending is to keep on checking the status of your PAN Card online.
You can visit the official website to keep checking the updates and get your PAN Card printed offline. Nobody gets the PAN card at the very moment they apply.

So, here we will deal with how to check NSDL and UTI PAN Card Status Online.

How to apply for PAN Card?

If you are going to start a new business or anything that requires an exchange of Indian Currency than you have to apply for PAN card which is issued by the Tax Department of India.

There are two ways by which you can get you verified PAN Card easily.
One is by visiting the nearest Government agency which issues the PAN Card and the other way is to apply Online by visiting the official website of the PAN Card.
Also, there are another two ways by which you can apply for PAN Card in India that is by either by NSDL or another way is by UTI.

Checking PAN Card Status through NSDL and UTI

Now let me explain to you how to check the PAN Card Status?
You can check the status of your PAN Card differently for both NSDL and UTI.
To check the Status of PAN Card issued through NSDL you need to visit the official website of NSDL Pan card where you need to enter the information allotted to you at the time of Making PAN Card and entering the correct data.
There you need to collect the Application type of the NSDL allocated account and then all you need to do is to enter a valid Acknowledgement Number allotted to you.

Then you should enter the details like First Name and then you need to enter the Last name.
After filling all the necessary data you need to enter your Date of Birth or Incorporation or Agreement or Partnership or Trust Deed or Formation of Body of an Individual in the field mentioned to precede the step of Status Checking.
After filling all the necessary details submit the details to check the final status of your PAN Card.

And after the whole submission process, you will be redirected to a new page which will show you the current status of PAN Card. Don’t panic if your PAN Card is not issued it is a time-consuming process so stay calm or you should either go with the offline application with the trusted sources.
Now we will process with the status checking of a PAN Card which is issued with the help of UTI.

Steps to check PAN Card Status

For this first of all visit the official website of UTI PAN Card and there visit the option to check the PAN Card Status.
After opening the PAN Card Status Tab enter the details as shown on the page correctly. First of all, enter the Application coupon Number as allotted to you while registering for a New PAN Card Number.

Then all you need to do is to enter the 10 alphanumeric PAN numbers and submit the form securely.
You can also reset the currently opened page and also click on the Close Window option to Exit the Page. This process is known as PAN Card tracking which is secure as well as fast to maintain the privacy of every PAN Number holder.

The Basic requirement to apply for PAN Card is to be 18 years or above. You need not be earning for issuing yourself a PAN Card. This is one of the most important identifications proof which you can hold for any activity involved.

Also, you can save you time and energy by visiting the PAN Card Office frequently to check the final status of you registered PAN card. Now, you can do this sitting on your desk or anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection to check the status online on the official website of the PAN Card Tracking.

What to do if your PAN Card is lost?

Now, let’s conclude the article with what you can do if your PAN Card is Lost?
If your PAN Card is lost then there is no need to worry about anything. You can apply for a new PAN Card but still, you need to know your old PAN Card Number to apply for a new one.
If you are still any issues related to PAN Card tracking or checking the PAN Card status through NSDL & UTI than you can contact the customer care of the respective branch to sort any kind of queries related to it.

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Updated: 16/05/2018 — 09:35

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